Steven Wilyeo

‘Steven Wilyeo ART’ is a sole trader endeavour aimed at delivering and facilitating art workshops and activities.  I am a fully qualified Artist and Teacher based in South Wales with over 12 years experience of working with people with special educational and behavioural needs, including autism and those involved with CAMHS.    My vision and aspiration is to enable groups and individuals to create orginal artworks; to make art accessible to people of all abilities.  I specifically want to facilitate art workshops to the vulnerable and dissafected of societ; to bring art to those with mental health, addiction or emotional difficulties; to those in prison, to carers and parents of children with special and additional needs; to people recovering from and living with the effects of a stroke or long-term illness; to vetran's charities and to those with sight and hearing problems.  It is my view that everyone is entitled to experience the positive value of being creative.

In my life I have suffered my own mental health struggles.  Throughout this journey my art has been a powerful and comforting companion in my recovery and remains so to this day.  It is this reason that I want to use my skills and experience to take art out into the community and wider organisations.  I believe my experience and abilities give me a uniquness in the service I am offering.

Art is a gift to the world and is therefore to be enjoyed and experienced by everyone.


BA/(Honours) Fine Art

PGCE Qualified Teacher

NVQ Level 6 Preparing to Teach

NVQ Level 4 Advice & Guidance

NVQ Level 1 Counselling

NVQ Level 1 British Sign Language


I studied Fine Art at The University of Wales Aberystwyth School of Art. I studied painting and drawing, printmaking, illustration and photography.

My passion is for painting and collage, particularly acrylic; and I incorporate ink and charcoal into my work.

I live and work out of a small studio in my house in South Wales.

My work is primarily two-dimensional, specialising in acrylics and collage. I describe myself as an abstract expressionist artist.  I love to explore the relationship between colour and form. My work is very emotive, with some of my work being a manifestation of my mind and soul laid out in paint.  I like to push the boundaries of reality with my work, to provoke thought, debate and discussion.

My artistic influences are Juan Miro, Picasso, Francis Bacon, Cy Twomley, Goya.

I sell my works locally, and internationally on  I accept commissions and bespoke art requests.  I have exhibited at the Pallant House Gallery, England and also at the Museum of Somerset, England. I have had a solo exhibition at 12 Cafe South Wales.  In 2014 I supplied the cover artwork for the band 'Sweet Benfica'.  In 2015 I was a finalist in the RWA Bristol 163rd Exhibition.  In 2016 I was selected to participate in the Art Challenge Wales project producing visual representations of our local Welsh landscapes.