Paul Rossi

I work in oils, gouache, charcoal, pen and ink. My work takes a figurative approach to space and tends to be eclectic in character. I’ve been particularly interested in the painters of early modernism, especially Picasso, Matisse, and the Italian Metaphysical School of approximately the same years, as represented by Giorgio De Chirico and Carlo Carra. I feel that the themes and preoccupations that inform the lives and works of these artists has much to say to us in the early 21st century. They were acutely conscious of the character of the emerging 20th century, but they also had a deep and lively awareness of the perennial value of the classical and mediterranean world. They thought of this world as a spiritual condition, and as an abiding presence in Western consciousness. My own work tries to reflect in some way this sense of the need for engagement both with tradition, and with the present moment.