Lynnford Jones

A Lifetime of Colour

"His canvases are swept with energy . . . his experimentation with shape and colour has led him to a wonderfully creative world"

- Review in art literary magazine 'Innovate'

The paintings in this exhibition represent a fraction of the astonishing output of Lynnford Jones. With works included in the prestigious Gibbs collection at oxford University and in private collections worldwide, Lynnford is Wales' preeminent Abstract Expressionist artist.

At 78, his level of creativity has rarely been higher, challenging and inspiring young artists with the breadth of work that springs from his pioneering studio.

And through the swirls of shape, colour and texture that informs his canvases there emerge wonderfully human anecdotes. Take the painting "Fragments" (right).Lynnford Jones "I was working as a young civil engineer for Swansea City Council and, as I was driving back to the office, people were waving at me to stop," says Lynnford. "Too lat, I realised that all my tripods, theodolites and cases of maps and drawing equipment that I'd packed on my roof rack were scattered behind me like confetti along the main road.It's those fragments of a day in pieces that have found their way back into this canvas."

Lynnford's journey from figurative art to pure abstract expressionism is captured in this exhibition. Besides traditional oils and acrylics, he is not averse to using car-spray, nail varnish and coloured sands. "Recently I've softened from images of conflict into expressions of harmony," he says. "I'm clearly mellowing!"

Born in Crynant in 1940, Lynnford was a miner, then served in the forces before reading Engineering at university then teaching applied maths and civil engineering. He now lives near pontardawe.