Giovanni Ettore Galanti

Facebook: Giovanni Ettore Galanti

Instagram: giovanniettoregalanti


Action figures 1/6 scale or 12” inch artist. 

Historical and military figures, movie and  celebrities characters customizer.

1/6 scale dioramas maker. 

Commissioned  figures works. 

Each  figures is unique, will not be reproduced and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity

I was born in Cremona (Italy) on 17/05/1960 where i started making modeling from the young age. Over the years i have continued to practice this hobby by starting with the assembly and coloring of plastic kit models such as ships, airplanes, military vehicles and then moving to painting figures and miniatures from different eras and scales. From 2007 i started working on 1/6 scale  or 12 "inch action figures, publishing my works in the most important international forums specialized in action figures 1/6.

Moving to Brazil with my family in 2010 i intensified my work on action figures by starting to sell my figures and above all to work on a commission basis. In 2010 a new transfer to Neath (Wales) where I am  living with my family and where he has increased my production of figures and dioramas using a functional laboratory.



Extreme research to faithfully reproduce in scale reality and historical context.

Accurate study of the physicality of bodies, facial expressions and posture in accordance with the theme that the figure represents.

Representation of gestures and motion.

Great attention to all detail.

Applications of aging techniques due to the use and atmospheric agents of clothes, weapons and accessories.

Construction of the diorama in scale.


“Iena model contest“  Milan 2009   Silver medal.


Onesixthwarrior USA forum  - “ best figure of the Month” Oct.. 2011 / Nov. 2017/Gen. 2018.  

Nickname ‘interattive”

“Shopping Iguatemi “Maceio" Brazil Ago. 2014  

Comics personal exposition event.