Eloise Govier


Returning to Wales, Govier started her professional career as a painter in 2008. Subsequent collections include ‘Arcadia’, ‘Wales in Colour’, ‘The Bridge that Floods’, ‘Über Art’, ‘The Swan House’, ‘The Lakes’, ‘Ode to a Field’, ‘The Port Talbot series’, ‘Bath Blossom’, ‘Colour Me Cardiff’ (with Swci Delic), ‘Belonging to the Landscape’, ‘Finding Green Spaces’, ‘The Clifton Suspension Bridge’ and ‘Nuclearscapes’. 

Govier paints with knives, oil, and in neon hues, creating highly distinctive brightly-coloured paintings rich in texture and movement. Through complicated palette knife work that often carves into the paint, Govier forms great swathes of slick oil on canvas, communicating feelings of “urgency and immediacy” in the folds and ripples of medium. Whilst Govier recognises that her work is indebted to the Expressionist movement, the stylistic quality of her work increasingly favours Fauvism and, at times, ventures into abstraction. Popular themes in her work include landscapes (particularly the Welsh landscape near her studio in Cenarth, Ceredigion), male dancers, café scenes, swans, lakes, blossom, and contemporary industry and energy landscapes. Her highly sought after paintings not only capture the beauty, dynamism and complex nature of life but also become visual metaphors to communicate the artist’s feelings, thoughts and opportunities for social commentary. Govier is currently working on paintings that tackle themes centered on the nature and role of ‘borders’.

Eloise Govier also creates art installations and performances using vibrant vivid colour. These installation works include the 'Ticker-Tape' series - an ongoing public artwork that has now reached a thousand brightly coloured bricks that are moved around socially significant spaces. To date this piece has been performed in Berlin, Scotland, Bristol, Wales and in Hay on Wye on the border between England and Wales. In 2016 she curated the ‘Cartesian Cut?’ exhibition for Fringe Arts Bath which featured artworks by important contemporary artists such as Ellie Harrison (Glasgow Effect), and created the ‘Colourscape Lab’ for artists and anthropologists at the Arnolfini, Bristol.

Since 2008, Govier has exhibited both nationally and internationally, and her work has been displayed in galleries in Japan, Amsterdam, Spain, Berlin, and London. She has also received acclaim outside of the traditional boundaries of art; her art has been showcased at the London Morgan showroom, a UNESCO Protected Modernist Housing Estate in Berlin, the Welsh Assembly, and at the AT-Bristol Science Center where her work was also projected from the BBC Big screen. She has been featured or interviewed by numerous magazines and newspapers, including an interview with the BBC. Her work has been filmed by the BBC and S4C and she has been described as being “one of the most dynamic artists to emerge from Britain” (Sarah Jane Absalom) as “heir apparent to Sir Kyffin’s legacy” (Robin Turner, Western Mail) and “a name to remember” (Paul Martin, BBC). In 2018 Govier was awarded a Doctorate from the University of Wales and is a Fellow of the Higher Education