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Raymond Fawcett (1934 – 1994)

Large original painting by Ray Fawcett

Title: The Waterfalls

Medium: acrylic on stretched canvas

Date: 1975

Size: 42 x 52 inches

Condition: Very good

Provenance: Ray Fawcett painting in acrylic signed and dated on the reverse. Acquired from London Gallery by the owner


Ray Fawcett was a painter and printmaker. He was born in Leeds and studied art at the Royal College of Art in London 1956-59. Fawcett showed quite a few still life paintings at the Royal Academy from 1957-59 and he later exhibited eight silkscreens at the RA from 1970-78. He also exhibited with Drian Galleries 1960, Curwen Gallery 1970, William Weston Gallery 1972 and elsewhere. He lived in west London and taught art at Camberwell, Hornsey and Hammersmith.