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Mike Monaghan

Original abstract painting by Mike Monaghan

Title: De Natura Sonoris No 5

Medium: oil on panel

Date: 2005 artists label on back.

Size:12 ¼ x 15 ¾ inches. Framed without glass, plain, navy coloured wooden frame. Framed size: 21 ½ x 18 inches

Condition: very good

Provenance: Acquired from the artist by owner


Michael was born in Adamsdown in Cardiff. An ex-steelworker, he looks for the dramatic in simple scenes. 

Michael is influenced by European culture and by music. He sees music as the quickest way to communicate emotions and feelings, his paintings are inspired by that emotion. He manages to communicate these emotions to the observer, by building a shared experience through the process evident in the painting.

He believes that art should speak for itself and be its own advocate.