Andy Wardrop

The Abstract painters submit themselves entirely to the unknown, thus they are like someone swinging out into the void, their only props their colours, shapes and their space creating powers, so said Roger Hilton. 

I can identify with that statement.

My paintings are for the most part ad lib, at times though with a vague structure, of course colour and shape play a big part and what sits next to what .There is a freedom in abstract painting, I am under less limitations than figurative work, and there isn’t a formulae to follow, it can be an intuitive exercise, the way forward isn’t known, a shooting in the dark, so to speak, and a stepless process.

Knowing where and when to stop is creative in itself.

The end result is drawn from all these.


2018 :  Degree in Fine Art, Painting, Drawing and


2017: Group Exhibition Horeb Chapel Llandeilo

2016: Tywi Valley Open Studios    

2016: Group Exhibition, Three Towns, Llanelli Library.

2015: Tywi Valley Open Studios 

2015: Blue Orchard Group, Swansea Museum, Swansea.

2014: Blue Orchard Group, Swansea Theatre. Swansea.

2013: Blue Orchard Group, Riverside Studio, Pontadarwe.

2011: 2016 Amman Valley Art Group, Exhibitions, Ammanford Library. 

2011:  Group Exhibition Art Matters Tenby. 

2010:  Group Exhibition White Lion Gallery, Tenby.

2008: 2009 Group Exhibitions The Loft Gallery Carmarthen.

2006 Exhibition with one other Artist. Aberglasney Gardens. Carmarthenshire.